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Similar to the construction of a building, to be consistently successful, a development team must follow a repeatable process, like a developmental blueprint. A good development process will ensure that known risks are monitored closely and that new risks are identified quickly, that requirements are determined early in a project however will remain flexible enough to allow for changes, and that the entire team maintains a fixed ship-date mindset. To meet these goals, Renegade has adopted the Microsoft Solution Framework Process Model. The four main stages of which are: Envisioning, Planning, Developing, and Stabilizing.


In the Envisioning phase we discover what your business objectives are and how we are going to meet them. We also establish the projectís high-level goals, requirements and constraints. From e-commerce to custom solutions, there are thousands of Internet applications active today. In the Envisioning phase, we determine how yours will be different and how it will give your company a competitive edge.


The Planning phase is where most of the time of any project should be spent. In this phase, we detail exactly how the application will function, what technologies will be used, how the backend database will be structured, the functionality and appearance of the user interface, and how the system will interact with internal and external applications.


Once we enter the Developing phase it is time to role up our sleeves and begin writing code. This phase is mainly comprised of creating the application designed in the planning phase. Scheduled code reviews with developers, timely functionality approvals from our clients, and thorough testing throughout this phase, ensures the high quality of our end product.


Once the coding and testing of the application is complete, the Stabilizing phase can begin. This phase consists of user education, administrative documentation, and production rollout.

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