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Renegade Consulting, Inc.

Our President

Christopher C. Weber, President of Renegade Consulting
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Hello, my name is Chris Weber. I am the President, the owner, and most importantly, an active employee of Renegade Consulting.

As anyone who has managed a technical project knows, putting together a good e-Business team is not an easy matter. You must find all the right players who are experts in their individual fields. For the past several years my staff and I have been working to master the Microsoft solution for web and browser based projects. ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Excel, MS Access, and SQL Server have all been the consistent tools that we have used during this time.

While I am proud of the accomplishments of my company and myself, consultants who are going to be a truly added value to their clients cannot focus on technical skills alone. At Renegade, our developmental skill sets, joined with our managerial use of the Microsoft Solution Framework, have allowed Renegade Consultants the opportunity to participate on successful project after successful project.

These projects have ranged from large companies and governmental agencies to smaller family owned shops. Each Renegade Consultant has performed as the lead developer or the project manager on several project teams, and each has served as a one-man developmental crew. Regardless of your needs, or the size of your company, I am confident that Renegade Consulting can be of assistance to you.

I look forward to working with you.

Chris Weber

Christopher C. Weber

Renegade Consulting, Inc.
(248) 650-0287

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