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Renegade Consulting, Inc.


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Our President
The Internet has forever changed how we live, how we interact, and how we do business. Most important of all, it has changed our expectations. There is a greater potential to achieve more, so your employees, business partners, investors, and customers expect you to accomplish more, and they expect it to happen now.

The market is full of companies that provide Internet solutions. All claiming they have the right level of knowledge and expertise to help you meet your business goals. We have no doubt that these companies do have staff members with high levels of experience, but will you be so fortunate as to have one on your project? If you have had dealings with temporary agencies in the past, you know the quality of the resources you receive is always a crapshoot. 

At Renegade we are a new type of consulting and staff augmentation firm to fit our new and ever changing Internet age. We are a collection of employees, independent contractors, and independent consultants that have all come together under the Renegade umbrella. We believe small, highly-skilled teams of “commando” consultants utilizing proven development models and techniques as detailed by the Microsoft Solution Framework, is the only quick, cost-effective, and proven approach to application development. 

The era of sending an army of contractors to work on a project and hope that some of them know what they are doing is over. At Renegade, all of our associates are highly skilled and highly experienced. We are not in the business of growing new consultants, and we don’t recommend you make it your business either. What we do recommend it that you let us help you make your business more flexible, more accessible, and more available to opportunity.

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